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'we will be part of your team that brings you to your dream'




Our feasibility studies include reviewing and analysing available property information relevant to the proposed project. The data collected is verified and used as the basis of providing a summary for making a decision on the feasibility of a development with corroborating information to support the decision. 


We will recommend architects and engineers for the client to engage and assist with language and communication.

These recommendations and information will form the foundation of concepts that will be further developed through the design process.

Our deliverables can include a site massing plan and estimates summary.

We work closely with our clients to determine what outcomes are achievable and how a proposal brings their vision to life.

Villa creations is the first step in taking a clients concept and turning it into a design that fulfills their dreams. This is where ideas develop and become tangible and visualized.

We believe the best projects occur when everyone involved knows what to expect in terms of deliverables and time commitments. 

This requires bringing together a team of consultants to identify potential project design constraints and exploring design options.

Our dual citizenship, language and Greek/Australian cultural background assist us in firmly understanding and meeting our clients' requirements whilst addressing the project’s constraints. We will steer the collaboration that will prepare schematic designs. 

This includes, 3D modelling and flythroughs, sketches, floor plans and the building’s exterior. With collaborative exploration with the client the initial ideas eventually become more detailed and include elevations, views and material choices. 


It also includes constructability discussions, building procurement methods, delivery methods and collaborations with other contractors.

Engaging Morea Europa to Project Manage the development provides a maximum opportunity for success to ensure the project is completed within budget, on time, to a high quality standard and is an architectural delight.

By working together with the clients to develop project schedules and budgets, coordinating with contractors, builders, engineers, and other consultants, Morea Europa can assist as a consultant in all of the construction phase or only in part services as the client wishes to engage.

This includes the clients direct engagement of engineering and design consultants that we can act on your behalf to issue instructions and assist in communications. We can also provide assistance in the sourcing of building contractors to meet local standards, monitoring construction progress and making adjustments as needed, liaising with contractors and regulatory authorities, resolving any issues that arise during construction and facilitating communication between the entire project team and the client.

Book a free 15 minute introduction consultation to learn more about our services and how we can help bring your Villa creation to life.

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